“That trick—which sends balls of ice cream hurtling toward buyers’ cups—helped Lemay go viral back when he worked at Cold Stone Creamery. Now, the TikTok-slash-YouTube star’s own brick-and-mortar shop is giving New Yorkers a taste of the action they’ve seen on-screen. Read more

Tubefilter and Catch n' Ice Cream
MSN Catch N/ Ice Cream

“Ice cream looks a bit different at Catch’n. Soft serve is frozen into ball-shaped molds covered in toppings like Fruity Pebbles and Oreos and then tossed in the air for customers to catch themselves. Transcending a traditional ice cream shop, the Bleecker Street joint is also where guests can seek out entertainment.” Read more

Ben Aaron of PIX 11 NY stopped in to the Catch N’ Ice Cream shop in this TV segment, click here to watch the report

Catch N' Ice Cream on PIX 11 NY

YouTuber Dylan Lemay did not have a plan B. It was ice cream or bust. The 25-year-old started his career working at his local Cold Stone Creamery and quickly started documenting his frozen creations on social media.

Soon, he had amassed an impressive following — he currently has over 11 million followers on TikTok — and he quickly realized he could really make a career out of his passion for ice cream. Read more

Dylan Lemay is a star on TikTok and YouTube for setting scoops of ice cream aloft. Now he’s flying high himself with his first store. If you want, you can really go hibachi on it,” Lemay told us, as he leaned over a cold slab and made a chopping motion using his steel spades to mix freeze-dried strawberries and Golden Oreos into ice cream. Read and see more

REtail Brew talsk Catch N' Ice Cream
Tubefilter and Catch n' Ice Cream

Guests who visit the business can try Lemay’s favorite flavors, and as the shop’s name implies, it features an interactive element. Watch the video 

“Ice cream is a universal language that brings people together and I’m just amplifying that by creating an ice cream shop that gives consumers a new, fun, and in-person experience,” Lemay said in an official statement about his “experiential” store. “From the sights, sounds and flavors to actually catching ice cream, CATCH’N will be a place for friends and families to connect, have fun and share their love of ice cream.” Read more