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Behind the Counter Experience by Dylan Lemay

Behind The Counter Experience from Dylan Lemay

Catch’N Ice Cream from Dylan Lemay presents the most unique and joyful ice cream experience! 

Follow in the steps of The Ice Cream Guy and make your own ice cream ball just like we do! Choose your flavor, fill, pop, dip, roll, throw, catch, chop, and fold! Experience ice cream like never before! 

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Enjoy 30-minutes of fun creating your own ice cream ball from Dylan Lemay!

Immerse yourself in a joyful journey of ice cream creation! During this experience, you will get to:

  1. Use our state-of-the-art Mr. Art Plus ice cream machine to fill our special molds to make ice cream balls!
  2. Show off your strength and flexibility to POP the balls out of the molds!
  3. Dip the balls in the chocolate – give your balls a chocolate bath!
  4. Roll the balls in your favorite toppings!
  5. Store and freeze the balls!
  6. Finally, move to the most fun part of the experience – THROW’N and CATCH’N! Take a pair of our branded spades and throw the balls around! Don’t forget to film this!
  7. Let any of your frustrations out by chopping the balls on our “Polar Pebble,” aka Cold Top, and fold the balls back!
  8. Final throw into the bowl, and you are ready to enjoy the deliciousness of YOUR ice cream balls!

Secure your spot in our schedule today! Kids under the age of 4 get a free ticket if accompanied by an adult with a ticket. Student discounts are available.

  • Dylan Lemay’s presence at the experience is not included.

Step by Step experience!

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