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Launching Summer 2022, CATCH’N Ice Cream From Dylan Lemay is the first-of-its-kind interactive ice cream store focused on an immersive customer experience.

Located at the historic Bayard–Condict Building on 65 Bleecker St, CATCH’N Ice Cream From Dylan Lemay is more than a simple scoop-and-go ice cream parlor; it’s an entirely new kind of kinetic and sensory experience that puts each customer in the spotlight.

The space is centered around a huge cold slab counter where staff chop, fold, and throw Dylan’s signature ice cream balls to customers, immersing patrons in the experience from the moment they walk through the doors to the moment they leave and even before and after through innovative digital components.

With the goal of creating a playful and collaborative experience, Dylan has blended the real world with the digital one, where you can immerse yourself in the fun delivery of ice cream and the myriad of content creations.

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About Dylan Lemay

Dylan Lemay, the driving force behind the experiential store, is the largest ice cream-focused digital creator in the world with over 15 million followers, and growing! He began his digital career by mastering short-form content and sharing his genuine and contagious passion for all things ice cream through daily videos.

With a unique approach grounded in compassion, engagement, connectedness and a love for something so universally embraced — ice cream! — Dylan has been able to organically grow a massive and dedicated fanbase in an unprecedented short amount of time, enabling him to focus on expanding his brand into a full-fledged organization, including multiple global partnerships, celebrity collaborations, and the launch of CATCH’N Ice Cream!

Dylan Lemay Ice Cream creator
Sun-Thu 12 PM - 10 PM

Fri-Sat 12 PM - 11 PM
65 Bleeker Street NYC
1 (646) 449-9552

Our Process

We will start with the base and put it into Mr. Art by Carpigiani. We’ll use the one-of-a-kind hoses to fill custom ice cream ball molds and blast freeze them to -35 degrees F. Then we pop the balls out of the molds. 

The balls get coated in a specialty chocolate shell and buried in a bountiful mix of delicious treats to create a unique layer of joy. The finished ice cream balls are now ready for the final part of this journey – throw’n and catch’n! 

Once you select your flavor, our ice cream ballers will create a fun and entertaining show before chop, chop, fold, fold! 

Finally, your ice cream is hugged back into a ball and thrown into a cup! 


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Dylan Lemay entrepreneur
Dylan Lemay
Lisa Jones
Mat Smit
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They give you the option if you want to catch it or not. If you dont catch it, they wont charge you for it! Dont know if you can try again cause I caught mine on the first try. 5 star service but like most reviews say, the ice cream to toppings ratio is off, also the waffle shell was too hard (if you let the melted ice cream soften the waffle it makes it taste better.
Ashley Anselmo
Ashley Anselmo
I've been following the owner on TikTok since he worked at goldstone and really wanted to check this place out while I was in town. It was a really fun and unique experience as they throw the ice cream to each other and even allow you to catch the ice cream if you want to let them throw it to you. The ice cream itself however was 3/5 solely because the topping to ice cream ratio was not it. It felt like there was way more topping than ice cream which was a little disappointing. I got the cookies and cream and and it just felt like so much cookie. It was still really good though but I had to start picking off the cookies so I can get more ice cream.

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