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Brought to you by Dylan Lemay, the world’s largest ice cream-centric digital creator, our flagship shop in Manhattan will take it to a whole new level for everyone who loves ice cream!

Sun-Thu 12 PM - 10 PM

Fri-Sat 12 PM - 11 PM
65 Bleecker St. NYC
1 (646) 449-9552

When you enter Dylan Lemay’s Catch ‘N Ice Cream flagship location, it’s not just a shop, it’s a 360 ice cream experience!

Our aim is your full satisfaction – you will be so amazed you will want to record the whole thing!

After taking social media by storm with a legion of ice cream enthusiast followers, Catch ‘N Ice Cream envisions expansion across the country.  

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Our company was founded on the idea that ice cream should be fun, colorful, creative, and great-tasting!

Our in-store experience is unlike anything you experienced before.  It’s fun and tasty. Purchase tickets for the Behind The Counter Experience today!

You can select the product you are interested in and add to the cart. Or just call us!

 Can’t get to us, then we’ll bring your ice cream to you, cold and fresh. 

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Dylan Lemay influencer
Dylan Lemay
Lisa Jones
Mat Smit

Choose Your Experience

We have options in all favorite forms and flavors!

Ice Cream Cakes

For any special occasion, indulge yourself, family, and friends 

Ice Cream Balls

We have all the flavors you love, the ones you’d expect, and a few surprises.

Ice Cream Cake in a Cup

Each handcrafted Cake Cup features layers of decadent cake, rich ice cream, whipped frosting, and tasty toppings. 


From t-shirts and hoodies to special Dylan Lemay scoops and spades! Dive into the world of Catch’N Ice Cream!

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Silvia Stone
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Justin Fisher
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Lila Anderson
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They give you the option if you want to catch it or not. If you dont catch it, they wont charge you for it! Dont know if you can try again cause I caught mine on the first try. 5 star service but like most reviews say, the ice cream to toppings ratio is off, also the waffle shell was too hard (if you let the melted ice cream soften the waffle it makes it taste better.
Ashley Anselmo
Ashley Anselmo
I’ve been following the owner on TikTok since he worked at goldstone and really wanted to check this place out while I was in town. It was a really fun and unique experience as they throw the ice cream to each other and even allow you to catch the ice cream if you want to let them throw it to you. The ice cream itself however was 3/5 solely because the topping to ice cream ratio was not it. It felt like there was way more topping than ice cream which was a little disappointing. I got the cookies and cream and and it just felt like so much cookie. It was still really good though but I had to start picking off the cookies so I can get more ice cream.